Dreams of Betrayal Sci-Fi Book Series by Steve R. Romano


Laktos Leaving the Mag-Lev Tunnel

No one really knows what became of the Ancients. All that remains are their mysterious ruins and the manna that haunts them. Those who sought out their secrets have never returned to share them, save one. But some of the Ancients' devices still function and one of them is hell bent on destroying the last of humankind. Only one man has the knowledge to save the planet, but will he go against his survival instincts and use that power?

In the shire of Capernaum, each day is a struggle to survive. Since the death of their beloved king, the world outside the township gate has become hostile and forbidding, filled with unspeakable dangers. Few who venture outside the protection of their fortress ever return.

Life for those inside is little better under the harsh, sadistic control of the baron. Brought to the throne after his affair with the queen and the ultimate betrayal of his one time friend the former king, the baron is not satisfied with his subservience to the queen who rules from behind the scenes so he plans to betray her in his quest for more power. The only obstacles standing in his way are a mysterious man and his army of marauders threatening to overthrow his rule.

Laktos is a man who possesses secret knowledge from the ancient masters themselves, but has no desire to use it. His single wish is to be with his true love, Inga. But wishes don't always come true. Separated by circumstance, their chances of ever seeing each other again are yet to be decided. Their fate is being determined far above in the heavens by an ancient evil, half-human satellite with thoughts of genocide pulsing through its electro-organic brain.

Before Laktos can return to his beloved Inga, he must unlock the secrets of the Ancients. With guidance from his holographic wizard friend MOT, they race against time in order to save the earth from a timeless evil with powers far beyond their imagination. Accompanied by his newfound animal allies, armed only with his wits and broad sword, he sets out on a journey that will drastically change the world and his life forever.

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